August 29, 2008

Charles Ho Kim after arrival in the U.S. (1914)

Charles Ho Kim left an indelible mark on Korean American history as an educator, political leader, businessman, activist and philanthropist. Yet he is still unknown among many, both inside and outside the Korean American community – despite the fact that the first public school in the U.S. to be named after a Korean American was, in fact, named after him. Charles H. Kim Elementary School in Los Angeles was dedicated on October 19, 2006.

Material in this blog was adapted and edited by Daisietta Kim from The Life and Dreams of Pioneer Kim Ho by Jong Whan Cha and Jisoo Kim, translated by Elizabeth H. Kim and Dr. Stephen Kim.

Pyong Yong Min, Hyung-ju (Henry) Ahn, Stuart Ahn, Daisietta Kim and RMA Photography contributed photos.